Katherine Jetter makes her Grammy Debut!

 Country superstar Miranda Lambert took the 2021 Grammy stage to perform her song, “Bluebird,” looking glamorous in Katherine Jetter jewelry. She wore our one-of-a-kind Tanzanite and Grey Tahitian Pearl Tik Tok earrings and our very special Grey Blue Star Sapphire Evening Cocktail Ring

Styled by Tiffany Gifford, Miranda wore Celia Kritharioti black and silver fringed mini-dress and shoes from Italian designer Casadei for the emotional performance. It was so fun to see our jewelry on national television, the stones  really stood out on stage. The one-of-a-kind statement ring features a rare, 61.91 carat Burmese Blue Grey Star Sapphire surrounded by Grey Sapphires, Purple Sapphires, and Diamonds. Katherine’s Tik Tok earrings are made of Tanzanite Cabochons and gorgeous Dark Grey Tahitian Pearls. 
The jewelry aptly color-complimented Miranda’s performance of her hit single, “Bluebird.” The song is ‘the story of her own personal journey to hope’ after heartbreak. The title refers to keeping a ‘bluebird in your heart” and describes the process of reclaiming love, which deeply resonated with Katherine, who said: 
“Congratulations to Miranda Lambert, Grammy Award Winner for Best Country Album for Wildcard! She truly dazzled on stage in our jewelry, and we couldn’t be more honored. We love how she spoke to People about how special last night was and the gratitude she felt to have people in the industry together after the challenges of 2020. She and I have both suffered the pain of divorce and reclaimed love. I just got engaged to my true soul-mate. Always keep the faith, and the bluebird in your heart! Cheers to Miranda and the power of music.” 
It was so much fun to see Katherine’s jewelry in the international spotlight, and we’re so honored Miranda Lambert selected our pieces for her performance. 
Both the Tik Tok Earrings and the Blue-Grey Star Sapphire Evening Cocktail ring are available for purchase. If you want to be the proud owner of jewelry that has graced the Grammy’s stage, now’s your chance. 
Thank you, and congratulations, Miranda!